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Thread: Help and Support

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    Can someone fix this already? How much i need to wait? Or that was just a fake ninja just to get some more money????????? Atleast answer!! Where are the admins???????????????????????????????????????????? ???????????

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    sure not fake some get him some not guy on my serv has him from persian merch i do not STILL

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    Yea, but 3 days gone and nobody get any answer from the support via email.

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    Dear admins can we already get some answers from you or are you jsut going to ignore us even more from now on or what ?

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    I know what you mean, my brother in the same server bought him and didn't get him but I did???

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    Problem with A-B Combo, still not get him. I see that 2 persons from my server got him but i am not understand why i don't get him becouse i buy him in the first day.
    i made a ticket i the first day but i don't have an answer Ticket #664941

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    Im just going to send like 100000000 tickets till i get a answer! This is already very annoying!......................................... .......................

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    Raikage A and Killer B didn't get...

    Hey guys!
    I have the same problem.
    I also bought A-B Combo (Raikage A and Killer B ) but I didn't get the new ninja. I wrote support, but there is no change ...

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    All the items in my bag are gone. my bag is empty. All my stuff is gone. All item, equipment, s weapons, jades, potency pills.... everthing is gone..
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    Idk why but i think 80% players gonna stop play this game after past 1 week already xDD and they didnt answer to nobody....i mean wtf i spend my money here, spend my time here, and they just show us they dont care....
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