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Thread: Help and Support

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    1 more day and still no answer…

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    a man who is weaker than i is beating me, he get A-B but i don't becouse i buy him but i don't have him

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    All the items in my bag are gone. my bag is empty. All my stuff is gone. All item, equipment, s weapons, jades, potency pills.... everthing is gone..
    where is admin????

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    Capture.jpgCapture.jpg this is how other site fixed their prblm bcoz their admins and support is active.

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    ya here snow white sleeping...they dont care,look the event is gone with our gold, with our money, and they now eat on our money! f*@#!@*^)(&^%$
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    Ninja Village Growth Plan not working?......

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    type 1 no. between 1 to 1000 n on 1st i will decide a random no. n u can have my acc. its 2rl 42 & 50k gold. arena rank 9 server 800 can go n check if u want it. character name Saahil

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    Angry not receive A&B Combo yet!!!!!

    i bought A&B combo at persian market 20jan2019,
    but until now, im not receive the ninja yet....

    i try too many times for submit a ticket, but nothing happen..

    Inkedpersian m_LI.jpg
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    .okay i received email that support response to ticket with : A customer support staff member has replied to your support request, #xxxxxxxx with the following response: working We hope this response has sufficiently answered your questions

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