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Thread: Help and Support

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    I was the first person to buy A-B COMBO and the first to send a ticket and I still do not receive it.

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    Still dont get A-B Combo too, I already sended Ticket

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    maybe we need to wait till the event end or maybe our gold is gone or maybe they fixing it. but why they arent answering to anyone

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    Quote Originally Posted by View Post
    Thanks you for the fix, i got it now thanks so much i hope everyone will get him too.
    What was it that made friend, who communicated where we have to send messages? He received it by mail or appeared in his bag.

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    hope i wont get him when hell be outdated

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    I sent 2 tickets already, but i didnt get the number of ticket to watch the status, and no answer, it past 4 days and still nothing, or there are only beginners and dont know to fix it, or they been hacked, i mean WTF....!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

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    someone has already received support response?

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    I'm still waiting for some kind of reply (on forum or via ticket). Haven't changed Persian Market due to that. In case of proof of bought item.

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