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Thread: Help and Support

  1. #131 Where are the events? 4 hours after reset and still nothing.

    Server: 823

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    we are fixing it. sorry for the inconvenience caused

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    Hi, the problem is fixed, please have a check again.

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    I see them now.
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    Help and Support

    Oh?Sorry... I see
    The help about window will provide that information?
    I go to search now and hopely I find it.
    Thank you ..wish you a good day..

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    can someone explain why this servers are really unbalanced??
    players who have 10.000.000 bp can beat easly a palyers who have 15.000.000 bp beaceuse they have one new characters from the last 2-3 events
    i underestant if players have diffrence 1-2m ... but f....sake not if the diffrence its 6-10m ...

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    Is the Server down?
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  8. #138 Excuse me what is this? Where is the normal shop? How do players even get the Sakura pet if in shop we have this? Where do we even get the pet..

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    Hello, I'm from fb S11/11. Tournament has not worked since last merger, can that be fixed? Also their have only been 4 active players for about 1 year now, will their be another merger anytime soon? Thanx for the help.

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    Hi, could you please show me the tournament? and please tell me your character name.

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