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    BUG in the market of Persia character A-B COMBO does not appear in the bag.

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    Admin how does the marrige system work?? Im claiming the roses but I have nowhere to spend or use them. I try the ring but it says I have no usable roses.. Yet I pick them from friends and ranking.

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    does anyone also have this problem all my stuff from bag is gone and when i get new items i doesent go to my bag

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    Me the same with the A+B Combo -.-

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    Problem with A-B combo ...
    Got same problem with A-B combo, bought and it didnt show in inventori .... allready send a ticket

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    sorry friend already solved the problem why me not.

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    Problem with A-B Combo I bought them and they are nowhere to be found on my bag, where are they and when i get them? i was about to add them to my formations but they doesnt go to my BAG
    s.154 Matamune
    Do i need to send ticket or what? Please answer me or fix
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    I've got the same issue as mesiek. Bought A-B Combo and its nowhere to be found in my bags.

    Persian Market_1.jpgPersian Market_2.jpgBag_1.jpgBag_2.jpgBag_3.jpg

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