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Thread: Help and Support

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    Nothing yet. Please send me A/B combo.

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    Got my A-B Combo item today on mail.

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    LoL they haven't reply my ticket but they finally send me my A-B combo via mail today xD
    im happy..

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    okay ab combo was send to me before and now they send me it again cant use it dont want to sell it for 1000 silver. lol

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    I got A-B combo today. Ty staff.

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    i finnaly get it, omg i think this is not real! OMGGGGGGGGGGGGGG, the god is real!

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    Thank you support. I get may ab combo by mail.
    Guys, if you have some problem to make a ticket log out first and then make the new ticket with topic "prize not received " you will get your ninja soon. I make it correctly and i get my ninja in 2 days

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