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    when ab combo problem will be fixed?

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    I have the same issue with A-B Combo... "I bought it and its not dispalyed in bags"

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    well we are all on the same boat but for me i would like to at least hear some answer from admins if they are working on the problem or not cause most of us me includede wrote here on forum and even send a ticket and we got no answer yet

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    Maybe they dont know to rezolve the problem!!! It should be fast, but look...!!!

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    well even if they don't know how to resolve the problem some answers would be nice at least we would know they are trying to fix it

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    They try to hide that, maybe they are ashamed!!!

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    Someone already received a response on the ticket because I did not, we need an answer and I spent 48.3k of gold and the gold would not come back or if]?

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    same problem with A-B Combo
    bought it but is not displayed anywhere

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