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Thread: Help and Support

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    I inform you that on this platform there is no support team and the administrator of the forum only connects once a month, proof of this are people who have sent a ticket months ago and to date there is no response. I personally sent one about 1 year ago and it's still open and unanswered.

    unfortunately we rush to buy the character because everyone who bought it on 20/01/19 has this problem. for being impatient and not waiting for a good time we pay dearly. advice for future events wait at least the third day, for those who keep playing.

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    So if there are a event we dont should buy in first day because gonna be deleted items we buy?? Nice idea, because that is open a event to dont buy because all game have bugs and you gonna have youre bag empty!! Maybe wait 1000 years to buy something is better!!!! Because that i waste my money there, because all money is just trash, you can find money in trees, you should wait 1000 years to buy, i didnt heard that rule before!!
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    friend is just a suggestion so you can see if there is an error, when someone else has happened whenever there are events to see forum and see if someone has reported something, so that it does not happen again, because I lost 50k in this character that probably never give it to us, otherwise they would have given us. in the other platforms they have already solved the problem, all the users are happy with their A-B COMBO, while we are here trying to invoke a ghost support team.

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    and that admin can give us ab combo?

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    Hi like many others i bought A&B Combo on January 20 2019 and i didnt received him. Can you send him to me

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    Yes admin can send back the a-b combo, but i think they sleep to much... "snow white"

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    All the items in my bag are gone. my bag is empty. All my stuff is gone. All item, equipment, s weapons, jades, potency pills.... everthing is gone..

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    I wonder if i can transfer my account on another platform....

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    No need another trasfer, need just that the "boss" or who have power here understand that is useless start new servers every months and can't follow players, plus need to merge everytime the oldest cuz few ppl.
    Just do minus and in the right way, and ppl come (or don't leave it's the same).
    Money businness is another thing, this is just unfair and nosense (my opinion)
    Probably we lost our money this time, but after years here I really no care, I can just leave the game when I want right now and I'm sure I will be not alone.
    Hope that I'm wrong but the silence make suspects....
    Few days again and we'll see.

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    demons a person in my server just bought A-B COMBO and I still here waiting for technical support

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