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Thread: Help and Support

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    its the same for me with some gemstone problem but no response on my ticket about A+B combo that i have from the first day ....

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    ya me too about gemstone, but about a-b combo nothing...

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    I got a reply about AB. They replied 1 word: "Working"

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    Any news about A-B combo problem ? I send ticket .. I Dont wan to lose golds ...

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    I sent a ticket too but I have no mail, so dunno if ticket system works or not

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    well it works cause i send a ticket and obtained a mail back that they have it but no reply on the mail yet after 5 days .... and its kinda annoying to wait this long cause the problems like this should be solved in hours NOT DAYS .....

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    when will ultimate challenge be updated ?

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    Support reply to my ticket: working the problem...
    This is a first reaction.
    (my ticket: A-B combo I did not get...)

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    1 to 1000

    MY GUESS for the acct.

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