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    someone wanna buy a account vip5 with 54k gold n 2 rl 42 with 25m bp ninjas in team are uchiha obito, neji hinata, hanabi hyuga, 7th hokage.

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    well at least some of you guys got a reply from them. i send out two tickets and get nothing so you should consider yourself lucky that they replied to you at least .... but for me i think i will wait for the last day of rally and if they dont do anything i will just buy it again .....

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    but the admins fucked us up good on this .... gold gone .... no ninja .... no reply ....

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    same for me man no reply no ninja 48000 gold gone

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    This day, the administrator started the session and these publications started on page 8 and we go to page 23 and he has not talked about it, what happens NINJA WORLD ONLINE. perhaps these 10 users are not worth anything for the Game.

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    so admins is sneaky online, but didn't want to reply our ab ninja issue.
    we can image how much gold they took on that ab ninja in whole servers.

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    Answer the damn TICKET, either a positive or negative response. EXAMPLE: Dear users, we feel the flaws of the game in 24 hours. They will receive their gold or, failing that, the new character. BUT AN ANSWER, how "WORKING" and 3 days ago. Or perhaps they put their 80-year-old grandmothers to work.

    just because I do not have the money to hire a hacker to do his damn job and send me my character or recover my gold, I do not contract it.

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    What the hell is this??? Just today i went and was checking my tickets and the status on them is showing CLOSED and i got no reply nothing is solved for me so WTF is that ???????

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