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Thread: Help and Support

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    anes they dont know it depends on when chinese server will update theirs

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    china servers updated it long time ago(7 months)...thats why im asking

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    This is for the admins.
    I have been trying to contact the support staff since last Thursday (right after cross server spending ending). I have sent out multiple ticket requests but none of them have been responded to. No ticket number, nothing sent to the email I provided. I want to use the "Pet Activation Privilege Card" that came as part of 1st prize for the cross server event. It says in the description to contact within 7 days. I will be extremely pissed if someone tells me that I waited too long and can no longer use it.

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    Hey admin what is going on? Today is the second day, that On Beast time the server dc.. and once u come back after few minutes, theres no Beast!! like its reseted or something.. You ow us a really good compensation for missing on the Silver and Exp.. I get atleast 500m exp and 100m per every every event..

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    and we got the update anes we got 2 new ninjas that's all we get

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    Admin fix the Beast attack problems! Servers dc 1min before start and after 3 min after u can get in, there is No beast anymore!!! 3rd day already..

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    I dont know, if to admire your determination or pity your stuborness madarsiva1997 The crucial majority already gave up and are just drifting with the flow... Waiting for the waterfall...
    So yeah, might as well type in the obvious: no beasts! l

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    Go and stfu, if ur a weak pleb and u have dealt with it its up to you, I on the otherhand would like to enjoy my game and play it as it's ment to be. U don't have to respond here at all if ur happy as it is.

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    ghyth, we need to get 6 more ninjas: seventh hokage, tenten,sakura uchiha, terume mei and tsunade,minato and naruto, shisui and itachi. Chinese servers updated it 7 months ago.

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