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Thread: Help and Support

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    Dear all, we have knew the beast problem, and try fixing it.

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    I still haven't had anyone contact me about using my privilege card. I've been sending out ticket requests for 6 days now. Just sent another one less than 5 minutes ago.

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    admin, why dont you answer my question? if you dont know then tell me that you dont know

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    I hope u fix it soon Admin.. 4 days is a lot of lost resource

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    tell me your character name and server, please, I will have a check for you.

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    Name: Kurosaki
    Server: 515
    Thank you

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    Anyone more not have beast event? Im. From server 100 and since 5 days didnt have that ativity

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    Nobody has.. still waiting on admin to fix

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    when will ultimate challenge be updated(new ninjas)?

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    your information has been sent to the relate staff before, the pet should be activated, do you check it in game?

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