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Thread: Help and Support

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    Gee, tickets are not working.

    No support for a problem

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    Account Lock mechanism

    Gee, tickets are not working.

    No support for a problem

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    Hi, Your Tickets did not work? You can not log in the Ticket system or something else?

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    Hi, anyone knows how to use Artifacts Core and Crystal Jade? asdfsaf.jpg

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    Im unable to transfer my account anymore am i right?
    im just wondering cause i actually didn't know were changing domain and i was wondering if i could still get it back as i did spend around thousands of dollars on the game.

  6. #356 Admin if this happens to our game platforms I can assure you the game will go dead

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    Can i ask here for help?
    I sent ticket, and for 3 days no answer. Ticket before that, no answer T_T (s460)
    The beast in our server are to high, cause of the bug on the skill. Lucky the bug are fixed now, but the beast cant be killed.
    Pleace help...

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    yeah please reset the beasts levels, deathseed got fixed but the post affect of people abusing it is till remained, you need to reset the beast at least after any major update to the game/

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    We will adjust the monster difficulty in the next version update.

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