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Thread: Help and Support

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    I think they will wait till ninja rally in 2 days, so they have AB ninja in stocks that they can send again.

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    I think its the same. Only at rally

    I have same issue.

    Server: 13
    Ingame Name: Zoro

    Bought on 1st day.


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    so trial is on but no a-b combo in my bag.... and also i can buy it in trial...
    i guess none gona do smth about our loss

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    CAN SOMEBODY ALREADY ANSWER US OR WHAT ?????? its been 10 days already since the problem with A+B combo occured and we fucking didn't heard from admins anything yet ..... i wrote two tickets myself and didn't get answer on any of them so WHAT THE FUCK ARE YOU DOING ALL THE TIME ??????? this type of problem should be fixed within few hours not in days .........

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    To Admins creator moderator..

    Its so unfair, when someone do something wrong or hack the game, the admins take measures the same day!!
    but when the admins or whoever creator :P make mistakes, they take days and ignores us
    atleast they could post something to recomfort us :3
    but rather than been adult and responsible, they hide and that anger me...!
    I been playing for 5 years already.. im addicted to it, but your forcing us to leave now.. </3
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    Probably not because of the shit in the admins site. They dont care. That is all. If they would they could answear for tickets or even Here in the foru..

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    It would be good if we get some informations , we are still waiting , I can wait little bit longer , but just reply " working" on ticket is not good ...

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    i both A -B combo NInja 10 days ago. I made ticket but 0 answer . HOw many people working on this? 1? soon it gonna be new event ninja AND i didn't recieve old one yet. how u suggest u invest in game and by event rulez is suppose get straigth, now i want huge compensesion

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    due to this bug im selling vip 6 59m bp any1 interested?

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