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Thread: Help and Support

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    Help and Support

    Help and Support

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    any1 got the same problem where items in a bag dont want to load??
    my internet is quick enough as i checked already and i still got an issue where items are just in loading section and not a picture one

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    Dear player, if you still have Christmas badges, please delete them and reload the game.

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    Hello. I need some help. I want to change my email adres but dont know how. There is an option to change password but cant find how to change email.

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    Dear player, please contact with customer service

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    I missed the deadline on transferring my old account from NC to here, is there still a way to recover my old account?

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    Its not late, please contact with a customer service to transfer your account

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    hello i can't load the game in server 94 are the server in maintenance

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    Dear player, thank you for reporting about this problem. We are aware of this issue and currently fixing it.

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