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    hi any progress concerning toournament function in fb servers s1-300

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    Hello someone know when the ninjas on ultimate challenge will change? I mean last time it past only 3 months to be changed!

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    you all are merging the wrong servers? I'm in a dead server, has been for over a year. can yall do something about it? also when is tournament going to get fixed? please reply

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    yes it shouldn't be that hard to fix tournament function for fb servers please we need a fix fast its been 1 year so far without tournament XD

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    hello. I was wondering if it was too late to transfer my vip12 account from ive been trying to find the game for a year. and stumbled upon a youtube video that cleared my doubts about the game ending. I can send bank statements to show I have spent a lot of money in the game. I have filled out some tickets and have yet to hear back. please help.

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    Quote Originally Posted by admin View Post
    Dear player, the game was operated by another company, they gave a chance to players to transfer to our platform.
    no they didn't. they never sent out an email. I spent easily over 1k in that game. in my opinion that company just robbed me.
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    That goal could not be accomplished without the help and support of the international community

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    please have a check again, ghyth

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    admin i am telling you tournament function is still not working the thing as i explained before fb servers from 1 to 320 cant participate in tournament the only reason new fb servers have the tournament function working is because you guys add them to NA servers battle zone you guys can just log on anybody's account from fb servers 1-320 and see for yourselves please it s been a year we need a fix thank you.

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