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Thread: Help and Support

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    the problem is you cant find opponents in tournament even if you wait 30 mins and its not that there are no players it's just bugged

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    please tell me your character name and server,

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    char name : zed/server fb: 258

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    is there any upcoming merges i am sure a lot of people want to know

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    so any progress concerning tournament fix ?

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    when can we get a server merge on 1065 its just been me and two others since it came up in there care to help us out

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    you are a horrible admin. you are not replying to my questions.

    1.fix tournament for my server. character name is Nico sophy S11/S11.( its an original fb server) I've been playing and paying for almost 4 years. please fix this problem.

    2. my server has been dead for over 1 year, please can you do something about this?

    3. we deserve compensation.
    your humble patron
    Nico sophy.

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    We will have a check the problem again,

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    facebook servers s1-300 tournament function isnt working

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