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    i cant change it:/ i cant enter IN GAME :/ i explain you ...come onn guys sv 1058 ign boruto .. when i try to login is show up to cause i have to change the name,but i cant becuse when i try to put other one is comng up "invalid character" and i try it lke 10 names

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    server 1 is bugged everyone can't enter

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    during tourney fix the bug please.

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    Same here, if u enter its laggy if u dc u trying to reconnect for 30 min. Today is much "better" its 13:11 game time and i cannot even enter to beast event. I hope so u trying to fix that bug and its not another one.

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    the issue was there yasterday, I am from S1, tried S2,S3 and they worked. bug starts with tournament and it exceeded beast time. I was able to connect at 13:19 and only 1 beast was available to attack somehow? lol please fix this annoying bug it ruins our farming/tournament.

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    wheel of fate not working S1 Ali.

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    You can't participate in the event or can't click

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    Admin, I want to know Why Beast is lvling up itself? Lets say 3 days I take 30 minutes to atk it and its lvl 330.. then on 4th day its 335 lvl but it was not killed before under 1 minute, what bug is this?

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    @admin, when I joined the event it says "submitted" instead of "Accept" so I can't get cp.

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    @admin, now it works . You just need to give it sometime and you will be able to accept them one by one

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