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Thread: Help and Support

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    Most of people got the AB combo already, because we all sent email to support, and that's the way to get your ninja.
    I don't know why you guys don't do it, just keep posting here, which they don't check here really.

    PS: You need to make sure you got the tracking number, or they don't get your email.

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    I send already 2 mails , 1 was replied with "working and 2nd mail/receovery request still didn't get any replies so I'm aiting for it still .

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    Mail system doesn't work for me, says something about MAIL system not working correctly

    What are the WAY to ask Support Q just about the WEBSITE in General...

    I am VIP but until contacted, NO REAL $$$$ will be added here, despite the game BEING WORTH IT,

    THE WEBSITE needs some Suggestions.

    Please reply if YOU can help

    Thanks Guys!

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    You sent an email or a ticket? Because that are 2 diferente things.

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    They get the money to doing nothing!!!! They are useless

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    Quote Originally Posted by View Post
    You sent an email or a ticket? Because that are 2 diferente things.
    Yes SUPPORT (ticket) wont function , I get an ERROR msg, I don't need any Ninja replaced or problem such as that...

    I need a problem online to be addressed..

    Sunday, I am getting disconnected over & over & over again , NEW Problem today also!

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    Can someone give me please a email for a support ? I have problem with A+B too ... but I DONT get it back ... My ticket was closed and after I re-open nobody answer ... PLEASE ... I lost almost all golds on it ...

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    i made some tickets on and i didnt received ticket number,after a time i made 2 tickets on gmail for A-B combo. I get the ticket number but no A-B combo.. When i tried to see the tickets status it says ''invalid login''. What i have to do? It s been an week since i get the ticket number but no answer...

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    I made 5 tickets for A-B combo. Please, send the ninja to me.

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    Dear Admin, 2019.01.20 write topic i did no get A-B combo from persian merchant event. After 23 day still i did no get ninja. Why? I send 2 ticket no answer and no ticket number. I send email from gmail adresse i get ticket number but no see status because invalid login error, email and ticket number correct. Why? I'll get it ninja or no? Sorry my poor english. Ty answer.
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