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Thread: Help and Support

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    My friend plays on the server 1063 and I was trying to get into the game but when I try to load into server 1063 I get a duplicate key error was wondering if there is any fix? I also put in a ticket and says it sent an email to my email with the ticket number but I haven't received any email with my information.

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    anyone interested in buying account. Team nejihinata, ab combo, hanabi hyuga, uchiha obito. main character 2rl 42. arena rank 5. vip5. 54k gold. 19k coupns.

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    Does the game got hacked?
    The game is not working.

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    I received A-B Combo after 3 consecutive tickets and 9 days of waiting..
    Thanks Support!

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    Guys check ur mail.
    I had already received mine after quite some time and some tickets but people on my server still didnt had received.

    They received it now 13/02.

    Check ur mail since they received via in game mail

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    I have a pet activation card and my pets haven't been activated yet. I send a lot of tickets and no response. Can admin help.

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    got my ab combo,sent by mail

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    hello from todays bug i had problem in Mariage Home, all land had expand and all else was unloaded without seen friends home and after fix bug with event name changed from chrismast to valentine i got disconect I did refresh page, when login in home land was back normal but our mariage lvl dropped on 1st lvl 1 with 0 exp, before this bug we was overall rank home 50-51 2nd lvl 2 with around 9000exp

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    My marriage exp became 0 as well.
    Admin please help.
    PS: wrote to support too.

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