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Thread: Help and Support

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    Nothing yet. Please send me A/B combo.

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    Got my A-B Combo item today on mail.

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    LoL they haven't reply my ticket but they finally send me my A-B combo via mail today xD
    im happy..

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    okay ab combo was send to me before and now they send me it again cant use it dont want to sell it for 1000 silver. lol

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    I got A-B combo today. Ty staff.

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    i finnaly get it, omg i think this is not real! OMGGGGGGGGGGGGGG, the god is real!

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    Thank you support. I get may ab combo by mail.
    Guys, if you have some problem to make a ticket log out first and then make the new ticket with topic "prize not received " you will get your ninja soon. I make it correctly and i get my ninja in 2 days

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    when will ultimate challenge be updated ???

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    I bought A-B Combo one month ago, but i still don't get him

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    I want to know if Momoshikis chakra is bugged on our plat? On Joyfun the chakra isnt working properly and people have less damage as with their old ninja that they replace it with.

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