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    It's not about the browsers, people are clearly sayin that tourney not working for the whole platform not random people it doesn't find an opponent for +1week hopefully there will be some kind of compensation for all the loses

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    I am really sorry, it is my negligence, we will find out the problem of the competition.

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    Quote Originally Posted by admin View Post
    I am really sorry, it is my negligence, we will find out the problem of the competition.
    These words been said a week ago, it's not just that even the tickets we players are creating they're being deleted without being answered.
    Heard facebook servers tournament didn't work for half a year or something like that, hopefully it'll be fixed soon and we get a decent compensation.

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    We have fixed this problem, you can participate in the next tournament.

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    So were not gona get any compensation for the down time of Tournament?

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    Tourament before beast, never ending story. Okk first tourament not working for like 2 weeks or more i dont remember. Now when u "fix" it its disconnecting for half hour and i and other guy from my server cant log in to do this tourament. Game starts working normally when beast event start. Can u tell me wtf and why we lossing that amont of silver every day. Once or twice its works and lags so hard so we even cant finish in 30min. Whats wrong, fix it plox. Event time/dc time 12.30-13.00 game time. S243 wesa

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    same problem here s243 TheDArkness. Problems with tournament being laggy and trying to log in into the game while tournament is ON.
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    you can try again,its ok now

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