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Thread: Game Discussing Thread

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    Anyone know about MERGER?

    There's nobody in ARENA, so HOW can I get Prestige without any Battles there???
    Also cant get Slave/Master to work becos of this too!

    Please reply , with any Ideas/advice

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    Hello guys,could you have look into my account please,is show up to change my characer name and also i don't want to do it,but anyway i try to put like 10 different names and it doesn't work,and also if you can change my name i would like to have it the following one "Codex" ,and also can be sort it ASAP please,

    SV NUMBER 1058
    Old character Name Boruto

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    we got a merger on 1065 it still dead can we pls get a actual merg

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    on 1065 we only maybe 5 active people is there any way we could look at expanding the merge

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